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Do it Right or Pay the Price (of Medical Bills)

When an injured worker receives a medically necessary treatment, the employer or insurance carrier is responsible for payment of the treatment when the claim has been accepted or established. See NYCRR section 325-1.25. However, when the treatment is not medically necessary or under the Medical Treatment Guidelines, the carrier can object by filing the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board C-8.1 form (a copy should go to the WCB, the employee,
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To Pay or Not to Pay While Investigating a Claim

New York State Workers’ Compensation law §21-a allows an employer/carrier to pay lost wage benefits or prescribed medicine for up to one year without admitting liability and without prejudice to the right to controvert the claim. The purpose of this section of the law is to provide workers lost wage benefits and payment of prescription medicine while the employer/carrier continues to investigate the compensability of the claim. However, § 21-a
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