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The Importance of Investigating a Petitioner’s Medical History and How It Can Help Employers Save Money

Upon the filing of a New Jersey workers’ compensation claim petition, it is extremely important to thoroughly investigate the history of the alleged injured worker to ensure you attain the best possible outcome and to prevent unnecessary expenses. This is a relatively well-known strategy.  However, in a rush to close or settle a matter, this strategy can sometimes be overlooked, which can result in significant costs to an employer. In
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Got Insurance? What You Need to Know if You Are An Uninsured Employer in New Jersey

Under New Jersey law, every corporation, limited partnership, as well as any employer required by law to submit an annual report, must provide valid proof of workers’ compensation coverage as part of its annual report. There are two ways that an employer can demonstrate valid proof of workers’ compensation coverage. An employer can either show proof of having coverage with an insurance carrier or by being self-insured. A self-insured employer
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