Medication and Transportation (M&T) Reimbursement in New York: A Primer

New York Workers’ Compensation Law (WCL) dictates that an injured worker is entitled to reimbursement for certain expenses relating to an established compensable claim. WCL Section 13(a) provides that an employer is obligated to provide an injured employee with such medical, surgical, or other attendance or treatment as the nature of the injury or the process for recovery may require. In kind, courts have ruled that transportation costs incurred in connection with medical treatment are compensable if reasonable, and that the statute should be interpreted …

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Make the Other Guy Pay: Using Loss Transfer to Recover First-Party Benefits When Subrogation Just Won’t Do

The New York “No-Fault” insurance scheme gives persons injured in a motor vehicle accident the right to recovery for basic economic losses. In a situation where a person is injured at work in a motor vehicle accident, a Workers’ Compensation insurer becomes the first-party benefits provider. As the Workers’ Compensation insurer/self-insurer is now burdened with the payment of benefits that may have been caused by a negligent motorist insured by another entity, Loss Transfer provides some options for relief.

The New York State Department of …

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