New Attachment for Schedule Loss of Use Stipulations

There are two types of permanency evaluations:

  1. Schedule awards for the impairment of extremities, vision loss, hearing loss, or facial disfigurement
  2. Non-schedule classification as a permanent partial or total disability.

On October 4, 2019, in subject number 046-1211, the Board issued specific circumstances where a new attachment must be used when stipulating to schedule loss of use and non-schedule sites are also involved.

The new stipulation must be used in three situations:

  1. When there is no medical report from either party regarding the established non-schedule
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To Litigate? Or to Split? That is the Question

Some of the most commonly litigated issues in Workers’ Compensation include degree of temporary disability and permanency (classification or schedule loss of use). More often than not, treating doctors and IMEs do not agree on issues concerning degree of disability or schedule loss of use. The question then arises as to whether the parties should litigate the issue through depositions of the doctors, or whether attempts should be made to negotiate a “split” of the disability rate or SLU award.

Defense counsels often genuinely enjoy …

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