Proposed New York State Bill Proposes Sweeping Changes to NYS Workers’ Compensation System

Assemblyman Harry Bronson and State Senator Jessica Ramos have recently introduced Bill A7045 to the NYS Assembly and Senate that proposes sweeping changes to the NYS Workers’ Compensation System. As discussed below, if the bill were to be passed in its present form, it will have an impact on not only injured worker’s rights to potentially pursue a claim against their employer following a work-related injury, but also on how the workers’ compensation claim is handled throughout its duration.

Perhaps one of the most sweeping …

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Maryland State Senate Passes Bill Requiring Self- Insured Employers to Report Fraud

On March 6, 2018, the Maryland State Senate passed a bill that would require self-insured employers to report workers’ compensation fraud to the Maryland Insurance Administration’s Fraud Division. S.B. 575 was sponsored by Senator Katherine Klausmeier of Baltimore County and is now pending in the Maryland House. Subject to any further changes and amendments, it is expected to be passed by the House and take effect in October 2018.

The bill requires all employers who self-insure or participate in a self-insurance group for workers’ compensation …

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