The Holidays are Over. Is Your Office Party Injury Compensable?

Employers throw annual parties for the employees to commemorate another successful year. Of course, once the music starts going and the drinks start flowing, the employers are left with an annual headache of a question – are employees that were injured in relation to these festivities covered under Workers’ Compensation?

While compensability for office party injuries is a highly fact-intensive determination, claimants usually emerge victorious. Generally, even if the party was held off of the office premises, a fact-finder will rule in favor of the …

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Minor Issues When A Minor Gets Injured At Work

While not very common, if a minor is hired and then injured on the job, the trajectory of this particular compensation claim will be slightly different than the typical workers’ compensation claim. The most significant difference is that a penalty will be imposed against the employer if the employment of the minor is found to be illegal by the Workers’ Compensation Board.

Workers’ Compensation Law Section 14-a governs compensation issues when illegal employment of a minor is found. If, at the time of the accident, …

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