Podcast: Trucking Workers’ Compensation Claims

Ben Greenberg, a partner in our Raleigh office, joins the show to discuss how trucking companies and insurance carriers can effectively prepare for workers’ compensation claims. Ben first explains how an aging truck driver population and commercial driver shortage have resulted in an increase in significant workers’ compensation claims in the trucking industry. He then addresses important proactive measures, such as telematics and forward-facing fleet cameras, companies can take to avoid common traps in the claims process. Ben concludes with tips on fortifying post-claim investigations.…

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Hey! What about Workers’ Compensation? Evidence Preservation and Investigation for Trucking Workers’ Compensation Claims

Evidence preservation seems to be the number one discussed topic in terms of defending trucking companies for liability claims. For serious accidents, it is common to dispatch defense attorneys and experts to the scene of the accident to preserve evidence necessary to contest liability when appropriate. What is less discussed is that the same data can be invaluable for investigating and defending workers’ compensation claims.

A rapidly increasing number of fleets are utilizing onboard event recorders with both outward and inward facing cameras. Electronic driver …

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