Dealing with Testimony in a Virtual Hearing

As the virtual roll-out continues and more locations have become virtual, the bugs are getting worked out. We have appeared virtually on several occasions and have had only one day of delays due to technical issues.

There are some types of hearings and scenarios that the virtual process is ready-made to address: C-8.1 hearings for minor treatment disputes, production hearings that will only be adjourned for depositions, and a Reserved Decision or 32 hearings come to mind. These types of hearings are often short, require …

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The How-To’s of Virtual Hearings

New York State has recently revealed that it will be implementing a virtual hearing procedure for all workers’ compensation hearings. The roll-out of the virtual hearing process began in November and is already in place in select downstate hearing points and is making its way to Binghamton and other upstate hearing locations in the very near future.

The virtual hearing process allows (read: strongly encourages) claimants, attorneys, licensed representatives, and witnesses to appear at all workers’ compensation hearings via their computer, tablet or mobile device. …

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